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Company Profile

Sterling Ornaments, a sister concern company of Divya Jewellers and ACPL Exports, was founded in the Noida Special Economic Zone in 1984. What was once a modest and aspirational unit has developed into one of the top exporters and manufacturers of sterling silver jewelry and a recognizable name in the jewelry industry. Our company has about 500 employees and a 50,000 square foot floor area. From product conceptualization and design to efficient production, we provide jewelry wholesalers and retailers with a complete solution. We are honored to collaborate on creating exclusive collections for well-known international brands like Cherry, Disney, Christian Lacroix, Morgan, H&M, Ted Lapidus, Zales, Histoire dOr, Aagaard, and others.

Sterling Ornaments has received praise and admiration for its exquisite design, aggressive pricing, exceptional quality, prompt delivery, and first-rate customer service. We have developed to produce items made of base metals like Bronze and Brass with Micron Gold or Sterling Silver plating for the market for precious Jewelry.

Finishing Capabilities

  • Silver Plating: All products come with several microns of electroplated fine Silver in 999 for the best brightness, fine surface quality, and long tarnishing life.
  • Ever Shine- Nano Coating: Some products cannot be E-coated to prevent tarnishing. With cutting-edge nanotechnology-based chemicals and plants, these products can now be coated with a protective layer for long tarnishing life without losing the brightness of the Silver metal. The process is fairly inexpensive.
  • E-Coating: This is the best inexpensive solution available in the industry for protecting the Silver from reacting with the atmosphere by adding a polymer coating layer over the surface. The products can be guaranteed for unlimited shelf life.
  • Palladium Plating: Palladium plating is used in the factory as the base coating for many processes for superior metal bonding durability. Sometimes it also helps to decrease the overall plating cost by giving the same results.
  • Two-Tone Plating: Many products can be decorated with more than one color, whether Rose Gold, Black Ruthenium, or Yellow Gold, for contrast and eye-catching products.
  • Rhodium Plating: The company recommends genuine Rhodium plating for fine Jewelry and studded pieces. Durable, precious, and rare Rhodium metal enhances the surface quality and shine.
  • Matt Finish: Many find the Matt finish to be alluring. It is a more brushed finish for a slightly dull look. Sparkle, Satin & Several Textures are also done to add a unique character to the Jewelry.
  • Ruthenium Plating: Black metallic look has always charmed consumers and fashionistas by giving the pieces a precious look.
  • Gold Plating: By doing a thick layer of Gold plating over Silver or other metals, they are made as good as Gold pieces, and the life can be extended to several years. It is a value proposition to the customers.
  • Rose Gold Plating: Another interpretation of the Gold look is the Rose Gold color, a reddish-pinkish hue given to the Jewelry to add more radiance.
  • Antique Finish: The pieces are subjected to natural oxidation to have that antique and rustic look always valued by many.
  • Enameling: Our highly skilled team of workers hand Enamel jewelry to give a colorful, appealing look, especially for our very popular kids Jewelry.

Sterling Ornaments believes in extensive investment in infrastructure & technologies. We can develop and manufacture Jewelry using the latest production techniques. We believe in offering a one-stop-shop solution by using in-house processes for all your Sterling Silver Jewelry requirements.

  • Casting: Lost Wax casting technique allows us to create 3-D models, studded looks, and intricate shapes. Our in-house CAD department helps in delivering quality results. We also offer options such as wax setting, flash, prong, channel & bezel settings.
  • Lazer: Involves cutting of the metal sheet with laser diodes and fiber. The result is very fine intricate work and is used for making different shapes without high development costs.
  • Wire, Strip, and Tube: The company produces its own wire, sheet, and tubing by continuous casting and fairly inexpensive production techniques for mass production and fine surface quality.
  • Stamping and Embossing: Stamping and embossing is another technique we use for very high-quality products and mass production at a very low variable cost. The company has a library of thousands of stamping dies.
  • Chain Making: We also specialize in creating a huge variety of hand-made chains in all shapes and sizes, textures, and mixes of links, unique design variations that are impossible to create by chain machines.

Social Commitments

  • Worker Safety: The company provides a very safe environment for its workers by providing proper safety training & safety equipment. The Building follows all the safety standards, including proper evacuation plans, fire fighting compliance and signage, regular fire drills, etc. There is no compromise for the safety of the employees and the visitors.
  • Labour Welfare: The company follows all the local laws and some International guidelines for labor welfare, like imposing a limit of working hours per week, double overtime pay, not employing underage workers, Employee Medical Insurance and Provident fund benefits, etc. The company also has various committees allowing workers to discuss their problems and probable solutions.
  • Social Audit Reference: The company has passed Social Compliance Audits of Reputable International Organizations (By Intertek, Beuritas Veritas) for clients like H&M, Walmart, etc. 
  • Environmental Commitment: The company is also committed to following the Best Practices available for environment-friendly manufacturing. The company utilizes an Effluent Treatment plant, Incinerator, to dispose-off waste properly and legally. We also have tie-ups with Recycling Companies for recycling different kinds of waste.
  • Frequent Donation to Charitable Society: The company budgets a decent amount to donate to Charitable Organizations and Charitable Schools. One of the Charitable Schools that we are committed to is Apna Ghar, which provides free primary education to privileged children in the neighborhood.